Privacy Policy

General Provisions

Transact365 Group Ltd. (here in after “Transact365”) respects the right to personal privacy and puts in all reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data and other information processed on this website.

By visiting this website and/or using the information and/or services contained therein, the Client accepts and agrees that s/he is acquainted with, understands and agrees to this Privacy policy. This Privacy policy does not apply to other Internet and non-Internet projects and products or services of Transact365. Transact365 retains the right to change the provisions of this Privacy policy at its discretion; therefore, when visiting this website, the Client has the responsibility to make sure that s/he is familiar with the newest version of the Privacy policy which shall be applicable every time the Client visits the website.

Personal Data Management

Some of the data contained on this website, which Transact365 receives directly from the Client and/or public information files, can be considered personal data and therefore will be processed by Transact365 in accordance with the law and other legislation of the United Kingdom and these Privacy policy provisions.

The Client may visit this websites without providing any information about him/herself, but if the Client wants to start using services offered by Transact365 on the website, Transact365 asks the Client to provide his/her email address and/or phone number, also name and surname or company name, and other information (in dependence with the services the Client aims to use).

Usually Transact365 manages the following personal data: name and surname; email address; phone number; company address; IP address; and any other information provided by the Client to Transact365.

Data, which the Client submits, is processed with the following aims: as contact information, to form relevant offer/proposal to the Client, analytics etc.


Term “this website” used in the provisions of this Privacy policy refers to and Transact 365 Group Ltd.

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